Friday, January 1, 2010

New Directions

Happy 2010!
There's a news story I've been over-quoting over the holidays (apologies to family members who have already heard this...) I recently read about a contest that was held to name this know because its not easy to nickname like the eighties or nineties. The winning name was the oneders (say it like wonder). Seems appropriately fresh, positive and ambitious today.

Here is Jessica's card from this time last year, which also is a variation on beginnings. I like it. I'm curious about the * near the greeting, Jess do you remember why you put it there? (being ironic again?) On the back, she wrote about how she had tried to do something new, cards with cut out designs but hadn't made anything that she felt good about. Then she commented about the ebb and flow of the creative process. Ahhh, again how nice it ties into the them of New Year's. I think this blog, and being creative was part of a resolution for both of us! I hope to keep it up in 2010, and as we have so boldly stated on the side bar- until we are both old women!!

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  1. It is a bit ironic, isnt it? I sort of remember thinking that a bare tree was a rather depressing New Years card and thought I should jazz it up a bit... with a lone star. Silly, I know.

    To a new year and new beginnings! I am off to go draw now.