Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stitch by stitch

Lynn was stitching up a storm last fall. She spent labor day weekend transforming her living room with pillowcases. As this drawing shows, sewing was on the brain. Most of the writing on the other side though is focused on asking me probing questions about boys, Afghanistan and crazy work hours. I cannot blame her since I vaguely remember calling her at random moments (when I was not writing proposals, which usually meant that I was walking somewhere) with a new plan and a new date. I would want to have serious discussions about whether moving to Afghanistan was worth risking my life and morals if it meant I could pay off my student loans. While at the same time I would go out on eharmony dates with quirky guys who wanted to settle down and had no idea I was planning to flee to a war zone. I was weighing extremes. Ditch it all and become housewife? Sell myself in order to find financial footing? Or, continue the exhausting search, which seemed endless, to find a job that I was passionate about? Thank goodness for Lynn, who wisely reminded me to have patience and stay the course - it paid dividends.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here are two cards Jess sent me to begin our second year of the "project." 

The first is a test post-card.  After a year, Jessica had to buy new post cards at papersource and ended up with these 'non traditional ones'.  My memory is of Jess and I talking on the phone, and her relating a story about being told these scalloped edged cards would not be allowed in the mail without an envelope.  Our plan was to have Jessica send something on a card, sans envelope, and see if it arrived.  It wasn't a drawing in case it got lost.  It didn't, and so in the mail I got this peaceful photo of Kerala, India from Jessica's time there in 2007.  Go post office, you came through for us!!!

Knowing we could rely on USPS again, Jessica then sent this cut out tree.  On the back she wrote about how we'd been at post cards for a year.  She used grey paper, some fancy stuff from her dad's office, writing "I planned to cut a cityscape by found the flow of cutting organic lines what I needed."  Then, she added a flower to make it feel less like fall/winter.  I like it! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pencil time

School is starting again. Kids are back to doodling in the margins, and Lynn is starting at a new school this fall. Settling in alright my friend?

Around this last time my desperate quest (yes, it was at times desperate) for a change in employment was gaining momentum. Enough was enough. I needed something new. Lynn was filling in as my full time cheerleader and this is what most of the back of this card was devoted to. She dared to guess what I would take on (aiming suitably high for a motivational pep talk). And, perhaps also feeling restless, suggested that maybe one day our paths would lead us to live in the same city again. Can you guess where she suggested? Its not in Michigan.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled posting...

Its been a few posts since I've put up a postcard drawn by Miss Jess, and its past time to get back to what this blog is all about. I actually found a card that I'd forgotten to share from early last June.  Here is a young lady blowing on a dandelion puff, such a classic summer image.  Jess wrote on the back about her drawing of this girl "looking like an alien" but I think she looks pretty well drawn!  I'd like to think both Jess and I have used our project to improve our drawing, trying out some different subjects or methods of creating.  Its fun to have a reason to experiment and try something new and an audience too! The last of summer is floating away just like those little dandelion seeds so enjoy a lovely, long holiday weekend.