Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to making her art

This was an icebreaker card last year, Jessica had not drawn or been to the post office in a while.  What do you see in this card? Its abstract and fun to imagine what it could be.   Any ideas?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sewn balloon

Last year, Lynn was catching up on a month of card making as school wound down. Her inspiration was coming from all kinds of places, including a sewing site she uses for free patterns. Which makes me think now, have you been sewing lately, pal?

At the time, Lynn was also contemplating a new school and the possibility of purchasing a house. These are big topics for the back of a postcard, and I remember wishing I was closer to her so that we could have chatted about these decisions face-to-face. What fun it would have been to scope out potential houses and to contemplate neighborhoods, landscaping and layouts. Being a postal pal is nice but during formative periods, like last spring, the paper chain seems sadly inadequate.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tech toys and more

Jessica drew me this litte guy and then wrote about being busy at work.  Who is he Jess?
Anyways, she was working a a record breaking speed and feeling recharged by vacation.  She had gotten a cool gift from her dad, tiny speakers that plug into her iTouch.  These fabulous little speakers came from Singapore, she was impressed by the quality from the small size.   Hopefully her music or podcasts helped her to get through the summer where work was doing amazing and interesting projects but keeping her worn out!