Friday, January 18, 2013


Jessica continued a theme...relaxing on the couch with her mom! They watched a ton of Glee.  Its funny that she wrote about this comfortable time at home, because that's what this farm image evokes for me.  I have a secret (well, not anymore!) wish to take and collect my own photographs of old barns and possible live in a barn turned into awesome home!

This reminded Jessica of when her Mom would tape whole seasons of Survivor and send the (VHS!) tapes to us in college.  We would devour them all at once, and doing this was one of my favorite memories about being roomates.  I remember lots of life that happened around our survivor marathons.  Speaking of moms, Jessica also wrote about her excitement that I was going to be one.  She had tons of questions for me and was ready to be super supportive.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Harvest Scene

Jessica was back in the US for last year's Thanksgiving.  She took the time to do all the things that she loved! shopping, cooking vegetables, throwing pots, and drawing.  Jess told me this scratchboard art was inspired by Oskar and Theodor Hofmeister's "The Haymaker".  She and her mom spent Thanksgiving watching "Sahah" and enjoying time together.  While Jessica wrote it wasn't a typical Thanksgiving, I think spending time with family is always the traditional thing to do.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Good neighbors

I'm not sure if this is a scene from her neighborhood, but on this card Jessica both was thankful for amazing people that lived right near her and tried to get me to visit.  Perhaps to meet them? She wrote it had been too long since I had seen her in the flesh...very true pal. I never made it to her corner of Africa when I traveled there in July. But we talked on the phone often enough that I felt like I knew her neighbors and sounds of her neighborhood.