Saturday, January 9, 2010


An interesting side effect of this project is Jess and I get a look back at our own lives. We see what we were thinking of and inspired by in the past year, so each blog post is a kind of personal reflection. Writing a postcard once every two weeks means our notes remind of us of a specific thought or moment we otherwise would forget over the course of big ups and downs during a year.

Jessica is heading to Ghana is a few weeks(!!), and looking back at last year's cards she actually spent much of Nov. and Dec. of 2008 yearning for Africa. I would say she started to scratch the the itch after visiting Ethiopia, Cairo and South Africa. Soon, she was in Zambia for work for some time...and now just a year later she is heading off. Her writing and notes were about DC- snow, and daily life. But, this drawing clearly shows whats been on her mind. It is beautiful, Enjoy!

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  1. I am really scratching that itch now, aren't I? Do you know what I remember from January? I was starting my experiment with online dating (which has now been set aside) and was doing the best I could to make a home in DC. Yes, I was still collecting the furniture I am now trying desperately to pawn. So much and so little has changed... atleast there are a few constants - Im still single and it is still snowing. ha!