Monday, December 28, 2009

Wrapped to perfection

Lynn and I have decided to deviate from our normal posting so as to document our brief holiday meet-up in Michigan. Although we had dreamed about working on various projects and could have chatted for days, busy schedules meant that we only had a few hours together on Sunday. (I will happily take what time I can get, especially considering my imminent move to Africa.)

It was a good day. Lynn came over early and I made a breakfast of coffee, scrambled eggs and toasted homemade rolls (the picture is a shout-out to my favorite foodies). We then traded Christmas presents. Inspired by a post on the blog In this Instance, the original scheme had been to spend time creatively wrapping presents. Lynn succeeded and, despite an elaborate plan, I failed miserably. The mug I made Lynn was pathetically wrapped. Lynn, however, surprised me by making me a beautiful bathroom set that matched each other as well as the wrapping - even the bag she carried them in matched the set. The picture below show the presents wrapped and unwrapped.

I really liked how grey, black and white color scheme as well as
the simple lined designs matched the relaxation theme Lynn had set. And, yes, lets be honest. I have needed a bit more relaxation in my life. Thank you Lynn!

Lynn and I spent the rest of the day visiting each others family, wandering around downtown and hanging out at Morsels in downtown Traverse City. A nice visit - but oh so short. My fingers are crossed that my plan to stop by Lake Orion as I drive back to Michigan from DC in a few weeks to drop off my things before flying to Ghana will work out. It would be so nice to meet up one more time before my big move. Fingers crossed!


  1. Such a lovely day! All postal pals need to meet up now and then. A shout out to IKEA as well where both fabric and wrapping paper were purchased!

  2. I loved your visit Lynn and the gifts you made are so creative. Did we sew skirts years ago in my basement?

  3. Rebecca- so good to see you, & thanks for sharing Jessica! I know she is home for such a short time. Yes, we did sew some skirts with you! Can you think of any other projects you helped us with?

  4. I will be interested in hearing what you remember mom. I have no memory of the skirts! Or maybe I do but it needs filling in. I think, Lynn, that you may not be surprised by this considering other random holes in our shared past... My excuse this time is that my mom has helped me with sewing quite a lot over the years - lucky me!