Friday, October 29, 2010

Perfect Pumpkin

The great thing about this card project is that you dont have to even try to ignore the obvious seasonal themes. That is what cards are meant for! This is a pretty standard pumpkin, but what you cannot tell from the scan is that its toothy grin is cut out as every pumpkin grin should be. The polka dots come from a magazine picture that has been pasted behind the card. In real life it adds some depth and an extra level of fun.
Lynn wrote on its underbelly that daylight savings time was coming, which the end of the year was near. Last year's close though was highly anticipated, though since she was looking forward putting 2009 behind her. After having just received bad news about my Samoan host family last October, I remember nodding my head in agreement.
Sometimes we need bright smiles to arrive in the mail on holiday cards, dont we?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A picture of Meripa

After calling the village mayor to check in on my Samoan host family after the tsunami last fall, I learned that not only had my family suffered physical damage to their oceanside fale, but that my host mother and three sisters had died since the last time I had called. Like so many poor people without access to proper healthcare in the developing world they went to the hospital and never returned - despite having treatable diseases like diabetes. I had called Falelatai expecting bad news, but I never expected that its cause would be from poverty rather than from mother nature. I also never could have imagined how it has felt to grieve four family members at one time.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life from Above

Jessica sketched this image out of the book Earth from Above, which was a gift.  She re-received the gift when her Mom moved and a box of her things arrived in the mail.  I really like the photographs in the book, so I really liked this postcard. 

Unfortunately for Jessica, she had recently got bad news about the tsunami reaching the small island of Samoa.  This was very sad because Jess lived there while in the Peace Corps for two years.  Never one to sit back and mope, Jessica quickly got involved with RPCV's and organized a fundraiser for the survivors.  I'm so proud she was able to turn her feelings into action and give back to her adopted country and family there. 

On this card she wrote about hope for 2010 to be a more positive year, after several sad events in 2009 of my own I heartily agreed. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Jessica had been throwing pots for months by the time she wrote the card.  And our blog had been up for a while too.  She was in the throws of creativity and seeing her cards online reminded her of her other art, I guess she decided her cards were always drawn with little boxy borders.  She wrote "I have been so stuck in a box!" and then decided to draw this lovely gathering of vases around a box to branch out! 
She wrote about how art was helping her stay centered during her job search, something I know we both share and one of the reasons we like this project and blog!  Jess also asked about Holiday plans for 2009, which was fun because we would get together!  Its a bit earlier this year, but Jess has already started to make her holiday plans, and I'm thrilled they will include me again!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The open window

I have decided not to paraphrase. A card from a good friend:

My mom once gave me a card with a photo like this. She wrote "when a door closes sometimes a window opens." I was thinking of that phrase after some of our recent phone calls. The future is uncertain - all we can do is be flexible, be prepared and watch for our options." Anyways, I have carried that card around because of how I like the message. So I hope you like this drawing :) So the other day I looked back at my 2009 goals - I am not on track. My word for the year was "balance" and a few (non-accomplished) goals, which included hosing a party. 2 months to go?! Did you have goals? How is your progress?!?
Your pal, Lynn

Friday, October 1, 2010

Plan "B"

From what Jessica wrote me on this card, her original idea was to cut out this same ceramic studio scene, she actually called that her brilliant plan a.  Seems having to do it on a 4x6 canvas caused some difficulty so she settled with plan b drawing.

While I don't remember when she signed up for her ceramics class and studio time, I know that last fall I was often talking with her on her way there.  Jessica likes to commute by walking, so she would make quite a hike there from work, and we could touch base about her life. 

Speaking of plan b- she was hoping that some of her job opportunities outside of war zones would come through for her in the next few weeks.  Relief for those of us who like Miss Jess in one, healthy piece.