Friday, August 27, 2010

Postal Paws

So, the other day my mail carrier met my two dogs.  They impressed her with their behavior, and if you know them you know this means they were having a really great 60-90 seconds, and so now she usually leaves them milkbones in the mail.  At first I thought she just did it the next day, but now, its been nearly three weeks and the puppies get treat mail everyday! 

While I always mean to take my camera to the mailbox and get a picture of the mail inside it, I have yet to remember to do that, so here is a typical view of our mail sitting around on the kitchen table.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Perfectly aligned

So besides the fact that the post office, Lynn, and all of my other friends and family must think that I have disappeared off of the face of the earth and the fact that I hate being out of communication, I have been walking around feeling pretty happy recently. Feeling like there is a lot of awesomeness in this world despite what some may say. I was recently sent a link to a blog site, 1000 Awesome things, that reports on the many outstanding, amazing, satisfying, wonderful things in the world. Awesome thing 557 recognizes the glory of mail, specifically - when you fold a piece of paper and it fits perfectly in the envelope. Read it; I could not have expressed it better. Seriously, you don't get this feeling pushing send.

PS - Dont worry Lynn, my backlog of cards are on their way and this communication glut is ending.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Under the surface

Have you ever noticed how much of your daily life is happening under the surface?  Maybe its just me, but often the thoughts that I'm consumed with aren't what you'd guess.  In this card, Jessica's drawing makes me think of that with the pattern and detail she's put underground.  On the back she wrote about really wanting to move, but assured me she hadn't done anything yet.  I'm really not sure the drawing was meant to be about the thinking or life beneath the exterior, or was connected to her desire to move.  I like this little metaphor I created looking at it, but I also like the layers of the earths crust she drew.  The simple black and white ink amazed me again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I just had to put up this photo which inspired my llama drawing!  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I like this card because the llama seems to be sticking its chin out at the world. Taking a stance as it stares out with confidence. On the flip side of the card, Lynn wrote that the solitude of Peru and fun in DC gave her this same certitude and pushed her to recover from months of bad news. Finally she felt as if she did not have to feel bad and was able to have moments were she was free of feeling lethargic and dazed.
Makes me wish you could come visit Ghana Lynn! I promise there will be adventures and fun in store!
She also referenced my plan of the moment which was to migrate to Afghanistan. Generously, she said that her recent travels helped her to understand why I might opt to do so. Since even now I think my plan to move to a war zone was, in hearts of hearts, not sane in the least, I have a feeling that it took more than a little empathy for her to support my wayward soul no matter what. Up and down and all around we go but there is nothing like a friend to make us feel like we have the strength to carry on. Llamas.