Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter argyle

Winter is a time for argyle. Lynn's postcard made me think of a taxi ad that I saw in San Francisco last month on my way to the airport. The ad showed women and men in brightly colored, knee-high, argyle socks. Men wore them while skate-boarding and playing sports and the women were posing sexily with basically only socks on (making me me think that it is probably the absence of other clothes not the socks that were sexy). The ads made it seem as though argyle socks were the newest, hottest thing one could imagine. This made me laugh as it is a bit like trying to convince everyone that earmuffs will change your life.

Argyle on winter postcards, however, now that is a different story.

Finding ink and the left-side of your brain

Just as I am months late with posting this year, Lynn was late sending postcards last year. Determined to catch up, she went online for inspiration and found some ink drawings that reminded her of art supplies she had hidden away after college. After digging around she found her old art kit, looked to Jordan and Micky as models and took a stab at painting with water and ink. 

It is always nice to get back to art after the new year, even if it takes a while to settle your mind and find inspiration. Isn't it? Whenever it has been a while since I took time to draw, I first feel my the left side of my brain struggling to engage. Once it does, I relax. It is as if the left side of my brain lets out a big sigh of relief as I get into my rhythm. As if to say - ah, she remembers me. :-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Full Circle

Maybe not the best title, but this card was inspired by a Facebook post- so it seems like full circle when people start making handmade cards from digital media again! Jessica was preparing for a busy few months at work, but there was a little light at the end of the tunnel- which is sometimes all you need ;-)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Icy Dreams

Oddly, while most of us were dreaming of sunny, warm weather Jessica was back in Ghana dreaming of icy, cold days in Michigan.  Jessica was excited that the following winter she would be back stateside to enjoy the snow and cold wind!  How are you liking it friend?