Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where oh where did April go?

Lynn asked last spring. From the sounds of it, April passed with a flurry of Kentucky Derby and outdoor grilling parties. The weather was nice so Lynn made use of those special first warm days of the year.

This sketch was from a notebook Lynn used for her pottery class at K many years back. Makes sense to me that these seed pods and dragon flies were meant for the kiln since this design would be beautiful as a glaze. I can imagine that if you carved both designs into layers of glaze and wax before firing the end result could be stunning. Another mental note for a time when I am back at the wheel.

Speaking of long lost months and hobbies... Lynn, this card mentions you wanted to start climbing at the gym. Did you ever go?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Links

So sometimes things get us down (and by things, I mean the daily grind, work, getting up early, rainy weather) and we need a little something to pick us up.  This link takes you to a page on a blog which describes all kinds of happy mail.  This blog is about art, mail and friendship- two of which I think are hit right on with the concept of happy mail.  Pictured here is a set of small drawing supplies packaged in a waterbottle and sent to a waiting postal pal. Sending a smile through the USPS is such a fun idea, I wish I had thought of it myself!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Upsidedown (that's good)

This card was drawn by Jessica as she rejuvenated in South Africa with her friend last spring.  But spring north of the equator looks like Fall south of it! Jessica had been living at the equator long enough to enjoy any change in season.  She was also enjoying life's little normalcy's which were a bit easier in Jo-burg, a haircut, new shoes and a cup of coffee. 

Do you think you could live in a place without changes in the seasons? I found it very hard.  While I dislike gray and cold weather, I love the blooming of spring and the colors of fall.  You?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Blogging a year ago reminded Lynn about 'perspective.' What she meant by this was that she had remembered that when she was eleven she loved watching the Commander Marc program on PBS. He would draw lots of streets along with interconnected pipes to teach roundness via shading. This card was a back to the roots activity not just in its style, but in that the street is loosely based on Lynn's neighborhood growing up (a postcard from the past I never thought I would receive). Since I know that Lynn's family now lives in a new area, I was at first impressed by her memory, but then I began to think about my own childhood street and I feel like I can remember every blade of grass.

Perspective. It is drawing term that makes you step back and think. Have you been practicing this lately, Lynn?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walks in Ghana

Jessica wrote on this postcard about her recent decompression by walking.  She was working in Tamale on lots of new projects and living out of a hotel which was dizzying at the time.  She found herself walking at night just to get some space.  Along the way, some kids would try to work up the courage to talk with her or stand near here.  She wrote about the kids calling out "salmiga, hello" and then running away again.  (I'm hoping I read the greeting right, Jess correct me here if its not salmiga).  She would try to ignore them, waving is too scary for them I guess.  I'm  also guessing this image is something she has also seen on her walks, or imagines she might.    Can you tell us what Kayao is Jess?  A woman carrying a load on her head is such an African image.  Enjoy her beautiful postcard.