Friday, December 18, 2009

An owl and polka dots

Sorry this post is a couple days late. It has been a crazy week. I resigned from my work today and announced that I am moving to Ghana in a month. So exciting. So unreal. This blog is going global once again....
So Lynn sent this card last December after having been home to visit her family in Minnesota. While there she went with her mom to the Paper Source in Minneapolis to buy more book making materials. I remember being really pleased to hear this since I had been the one to get her started on her bookmaking/Paper Source kick. She also wrote that, inspired by my black and white tree card, she sat down thinking polka dots and owls and ended up with this card. I love that we were riffing off one another.

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  1. While I enjoy being totally surprised yet again by my card, I think the whole cutesy owl is overshadowed by Jessica's announcement! Ghana- wow! We will miss you state-side, but way to go such an awesome job, and opportunity for you my friend :-)