Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For you!

Here is a card Jessica drew around the holiday's last year. To help with our challenge to readers to use the post more- I am including a download for you. Simply print the file via the link at the bottom of this blog post, and you'll have 4 postcards to send using just a 25 cent stamp each! You can even try to squeeze on your holiday letter.

Before this blog started up, I scanned all Jessica's postcards. Now I find that the originals of one or two have gone missing from my stack. I am perplexed as to what Jessica might have wrote me last year. Because I don't know, I'll keep with my theme of this week and share from a postcard Jessica sent to me in August 2003- likely one of the first pieces of mail I got in Japan. People, the US postal service got it to me but it was a tad wrinkled in the corner and they stamped "Please accept our Apology" on it. How can you not like them?! Anyways, that was the important stuff. In her card, she wrote how anxious she was to hear about my new digs and job in Japan, and about her time in Pancake Bay Canada before she left for the Peace Corps. Also- this proves we have been at this for more than 7 years :-)

Enjoy the download but please remember it is for personal use only. This art is not for re-sale or re-distribution. Send it to your friends, share the holiday spirit and help the U.S. Post Office.


  1. I love free things! So fun. For anyone interested in making this one of your holiday cards, please note that if you do not have card stock you can print this on regular paper, cut out the design and paste it on color construction paper (or something similar) to make a card/postcard. Let us know if it works!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! I wonder if I can send it from Uganda??

  3. Found it! Jessica's original postcard reappeared. This scene was inspired by an ad she walked past on her way to work last year. She drew two versions of this black and white tree scene, and asked me "which one you you like better and why?" You'll see the other one in my next post.