Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter wonderland

I took a picture of this card, rather than scanning it, in hopes of capturing that window is cut out and the fireplace scene is drawn on the inside of the card. It is neat, because when you open it you can see a more complete fireplace scene. I like the concept, and thought she did a good job lining up what she had drawn on the inside of the house so that it can be seen through the window. Lynn, did you draw the inside or the outside first? Or did you slowly sketch both simultaneously?

Inside the card, she stated that she felt this card had tested her drawing skills and that she was glad this project would give her a reason to practice regularly. She also mentioned that the card had been inspired by the enormous amount of snow they had received. As I think about this, I realize that it seems comparatively warm this year, which, lets be honest, makes me very happy.


  1. No snow in Michigan yet! Although snow is predicted tonight. I love that working for the schools means I can cheer for snow (= snow day!!) when in my job a little over a year ago I would have to drive for an hour so snow meant commute increases and that I was reduced to near tears in traffic, and wintery conditions that made you want to pull over and sleep in your car to avoid crashes :(
    Oh, and I drew the outside as a quick sketch, cut the window, drew the inside and then finshed up the scene on the outside! How's that for hodge-podge process?

  2. I would love to see what the inside looked like! Very cute :)