Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What was I up to this time last year?

You may have guessed cooking my first turkey as a married lady, or some other Thanksgiving type activity. But, the truth is we'll never know because last year around this time I was shirking and failed to send Jessica a postcard. So loyal readers you will see more of Jessica's handiwork today. What was Jessica up to? Visiting both Eastern Market and the farmer's market where she scored some butternut squash that she turned into soup.

Here is her postcard, something she told me was inspired by a photo she found in Zambia. I truly adore this card-its striking and very graphic yet it's actually a scene from nature! These are the kinds of things I picture in my head but can't quite get down on paper. Don't worry, while I was shirking around this time last year I didn't give up entirely. I forged on, though I hope to see as the year goes on that I've improved my artisitc skills and in some way am approaching Jessica's.

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  1. Oh friend! You are being hard on yourself! If I remember correctly this time last year you were very busy with work and life and deciding if you were going to get a dog. :)
    This drawing was inspired by a picture I ripped out of a free magazine that they give you if your ride South African Airlines. It makes me miss Africa desperately.