Saturday, March 31, 2012


After a break from our postcard project, Lynn climbed back onto the horse, making a slew of cards to catch up. She used the face of her first card to explain why she was behind. She was, she explained, having an artist's version of writer's block. She had plenty of ideas as she wandered through life, but none when she sat down to put them on paper (or to do some sort of sewing project) and it only got worse as time went on. 

This is a lesson learned from this project. Being creative, doing art, is no different than staying in shape. If you take a break from exercise, it is hard to jump back on the treadmill and to get moving again. Similarly, it is hard to sit down and make something you like when you have not done so in a long while. Somehow your hands and brain do not cooperate quite the way that you wish.

Thank you for climbing back on the horse, pal. I remember getting an envelope full of cards with news, thoughts and inspiration on day when I was feeling particularly far away from home. A wonderful gift.

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