Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last time dots, this time doodles.  Jessica's busy life in Ghana had her stressed and pressed for time.  She wrote that this card started as a doodle and grew. It was literally all she had time for in a month filled with hiring and managing projects.  At one point, she said she was writing the date on a paper and realized "Oh my gosh, its March already!" Seems funny to me because last march I was feeling like the dreary, gray month was going on forever.  I wonder if Jessica's doodle of a young boy's face is inspired by any of the young people in her day to day life or that she met on a project visit?

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  1. I actually think it was a young girl on the street... short hair runs rampant here. Ugh, it seems as though I have not made much progress in a year. March was just as busy this year - if not worse. Madness, actually. I need to be a bit deliberate about slowing down or I may repeat this realization next year... Cannot wait to chat via phone, pal!