Saturday, March 17, 2012

Japan 2011

A professional exchange program brought a group of Japanese teachers to Michigan early last year - just after the earthquake and tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster struck. I imagine that it was a strange time to leave their country, all considering. Lynn said that the group was kept very busy and that the teacher who stayed with her would come home and want to hang low during her down time, recovering from the last few weeks of trauma.

The teacher's visit, and the fact that she had lived in northern Japan years ago, made the event feel closer to home for Lynn. This postcard memorializes the time with a very Japanese aesthetic.

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  1. The same week you posted this, the Japanese are back at our school. This time the group is led by two male teachers so I wasn't a good match as a host home. Oh well, I met them and they seemed very nice. However, it seemed to be a much bigger deal in the whole school last year given the tsunami and earthquake, this year they faded into the background and I hardly realized we had visitors!