Friday, April 2, 2010


We've inspired someone. My brother sent me a postcard from his trip to Delaware! On the back he wrote "your postal pals blog inspired me to write." Its fun that he took the time to send snail mail from here, although he also posted video from his polar bear so he's not too old-school.

Jess' card from last year is this nice drawing. She wrote, "I ended cutting paper because my glue stick dried up!" This little tidbit makes me laugh. Her drawing was inspired by a food magazine her dad left at her apartment- must have been old because card was from Spring. Jess also wrote about getting ready for a work trip to Pakistan, saying she spent time drawing to avoid packing.

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  1. Yes, my glue stick was hard as a rock so I adapted and drew instead. I totally remember the night I was made this. I was bone tired, stressed and had a lot to do before I left the next day for Pakistan. Despite this, instead of tackling my to-do list I listened to NPR, drank a glass of wine and drew. There is something meditative about drawing. I lost myself in the cards's dots and lines and ended up feeling a lot better. It was worth the loss of sleep. Something to remember when I am feeling a bit insane. Miss you friend!