Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Admitting guilty pleasures

Spring has sprung and Lynn is on spring break. It has been too long since we chatted on the phone. For this reason, it was especially nice to look at her card from last year. She had just finished taking her certification exam. After spending a lot of time studying, she was trying to remember what she used to do for fun. She admitted guiltily that she had been reading a lot of trashy novels - ones that you would usually save for an airplane ride. This made me laugh because my sister and I had a similar text message conversation. She admitted a current addiction to a 900 page book our mother sent her. Trying to make her feel better, I said that at least it was the Sri Lankan new year and she was home alone. I also reminded her of how when we were kids we used to try to sneak away from chores to read. This resulted in a practice of hiding our books in the waist bands of our pants and under our shirts so that our father could not see. We would rake the leaves or pull weeds until he stepped around the corner and then whip out our books to soak up a few more pages before he returned. The joke today is that my sister would need some very loose fitting elastic pants to hide her current obsession - or perhaps a mumu.
I hope you are also reading something fun on your break this year Lynn!


  1. For the record, I believe this time last year Jessica and I were planning to take a road trip from DC to Michigan. My card shows I-70 the road we would take most of the way. Sadly, the trip wasn't to be but reminds me of a guilty pleasure I rediscovered on my spring break trip. Audio books! Long drives are perfect but sometimes I can't finish the whole book leaving me a few discs after the trip until the novel wraps up. I now sit in the garage or parking lot for several minutes while I polish off a chapter I've been listening to while driving 10 min to the store.

  2. I totally forgot about that scheme! Shoot. Still sounds like fun doesn't it? Careful about sitting in the garage for too long, I like your brain too much to have it damaged by CO2. :)