Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Contrast of colors

I think I was supposed to post this card earlier in April, because Lynn wrote on the back that it was getting warmer in Michigan although everything was still brown. The brightly colored leaves on the card seem to show that she is optimistic this will change. The blue spot emphasizes this point.
Like the brown of her outdoor world, the card's underbelly is sad. Lynn wrote that she had been excited to recently reconnect with a friend from home only to discover that her friend was terminally sick with cancer. She lamented this news and its timing, happy to catch up but longing for more time with her.
I remember receiving this card in the mail and instantly picking up the phone to call Lynn. Snail mail might be conducive to expressing some of these hard to share feelings but cannot compete with the telephone when immediate comforting is in order.

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  1. Since I didn't date or number my cards (not as efficient as you Jess) I guess we will not know this for sure- but did we really both go back to color at the same time? I'd be curious to are our cards influenced by what the other is sending? I feel like yours inspire me when I'm posting about them.