Friday, April 23, 2010

Color explosion

Jessica branched out to color! And it looks good....
I love how she blended the colors on this vegetable (I think onions) and I hope it comes across digitally! When Jess lived in DC she had a farmer's market almost right behind her house on weekends. I wonder if the first spring market was her inspiration for this card?
On her postcard she wrote to me about enjoying being at home for a few weeks between business trips. She was savoring some normal activities like meeting friends for drinks and getting doctor's appointments out of the way.
Her card and message remind me of a time in the summer when I was in DC and we spend a morning at the farmer's market. We ended up chatting with the vendors about how to keep your herb plant from dying off so you could keep getting fresh basil. One thing about being with Jessica, you will have conversations with everyone you meet. Its fun!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lynn, you are right, the ramps (spring onions) were from the farmers market. Makes me a bit homesick actually, I loved that apartment and farmers market. What a contrast from the markets i frequent these days!