Friday, April 20, 2012


Jessica wrote about and drew about her weekend at the pool!  In addition to sun and water, she got a massage which helped her through the long slog of work that she had just endured.  She asked about good books to read in order to help get her life back in balance- a long term quest of hers!  I remember living in Cairo and spending weekends at the pool, we had a membership to a hotel and it had a tiny fitness center and pool.  Because of either a good exchange rate at the time, or maybe an inflated sense of earnings, we often ordered lunch pool side.  It felt so extravagant to order a cheeseburger and eat it while relaxing by a tropical pool.  How about you pal, do you snack on American foods in your bikini?

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  1. Mental note - I really need to stop writing about the this long term quest... you must be so bored of it! I am.
    As for pool side snacking, I must say that free peanuts at Novotel have been my pleasure. Perhaps I would have bought something more than a Coke if I hadn't had them to snack on - shh! Don't tell management!