Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sweater fuzz

This seagull's sweater is rather fuzzy, which may strike you as odd even if you are not used to seeing fully clothed, pipe smoking fowl. Unfortunately, this hearty bird, and his sweater, was inadvertently exposed to bad weather. You see, this card should have been posted in December 2011, but was not because it was lost. After searching in drawers, cupboards and folders in my office and home, I finally, after a month of searching, found Lynn's December postcards in a cupboard near where my roof leaks (I apparently did not know it leaked when I received the post card last year).

My leaking roof was the bane of my existence during the rainy season. Regular torrential downpours meant that it was wet both inside and outside my house. Not sure what else to do, I would place pots strategically so as to control the water and capture pinging drips as they fell. Along one cement wall, the flow was constant. After the rain subsided the first time this happened, I sprung to action and contacted a repairman. He promised to come immediately. Long story short, after many complications including wasps nets, tree limbs and long work trips, my roof was only fixed after the rainy season ended. Thus every time it rained, I would fear that either A. I would drown in my sleep or B. my roof would cave in. Luckily for me neither A nor B happened and Ghana's sky is now clear.

Thank goodness this bird was dressed appropriately for the weather, but I am sorry Pal for adding substantial fuzz to his sweater.

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  1. Way back I also water damaged one of your cards, and didn't have nearly such a great story!