Monday, January 2, 2012

A shadow of fun

When I saw Lynn last Christmas, she had just moved into a new house and was relieved to take pause from moving and renovations. After hearing what this involved, I remember thinking, as we ordered yet another cup of coffee, that she deserved a bit of a break.

Coincidentally, the postcard (also victim of my primal living conditions) I received a few weeks later confirmed this. Wishing for more than household chores, snow shoveling and slushy urban slop, Lynn daydreamed about the simplicity of summer. You can almost hear crickets when you think of backyard camping, which is not typically a winter activity (unless you are my brother who dug snow caves to sleep in behind our house when we were kids). Lying in the grass in your tent with your book and your flashlight, flashing an occasional shadow puppet on the wall next to you. Who doesn't miss these moments when it gets cold?

So here we are again. Its January. Lynn has been just finished putting in hardwood floors and has completed her holiday family tour. Winter and snow shoveling are here. Luckily flashes of summer fun are not completely elusive, and can be practiced. A flashlight and bare wall is all you need for shadow puppets, right? Perhaps it should obligatory to 'practice' having fun in January so that you are really good at it once summer arrives... maybe my brother was on to something.

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