Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A quilted heart

Its valentines day again. I almost forgot. We are planning a staff conference here in Ghana, which will start on the day of love, and sadly my co-worker and I didn't realize it until someone pointed out that perhaps employees would want to be with their loved ones. Ha! Shows how used to being single I am. Last Valentines Day though I remember well since I arrived back to DC from Zambia on Valentines Day and went directly out with my eharmony adventure of the moment. I was so tired. I distinctly remember thinking over dinner: I wonder if I am making in sense. It was nice to have someone to go out with though. On the back of this card, which got wet in the February weather, Lynn writes of a V-day that included parental visits and basketball playing. Lynn, do you have plans this year? Also, do you remember that you had wondered if you could have made this card in a more traditional quilt pattern? Perhaps this will be good inspiration for future quilt cards. Love to all this holiday!

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  1. Its funny that my card last year was this simple weaving to look like patchwork. With my new sewing hobby, I have been seeing quilt block and pretty fabrics all around. Now, I'm drawn to quilting for inspiration again- its in the card on my desk needing to be sent to Ghana. I swear I made it on time and everything....