Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Cairo and beyond

Jess drew and sent this postcard after her business trip to Cairo, I think inspired by her visit to Giza and ride on Michael Jordan- the camel- there.
But, despite the drawing, she wrote "It has been a rainy weekend in D.C., and nothing is new besides my couch!" This was actually important news for me. I had gone along to the store with her to buy a couch- that weekend was one of the first in her D.C. apartment and she didn't have much furniture. We both had talked about how nice it is to have someone else with you when making a purchase of something a) expensive, b) which will be around for a while, and c) that you have to look at quite a bit in your home. Jess then travelled for more than a month and had long been waiting to have a Saturday at home to wait for the delivery of her sleeper sofa! I was glad to hear the saga had a happy ending!


  1. I should add that it was also nice to have someone to pull out and lay on sofa beds with me in the showroom!

  2. I've slept on that couch! Good work ladies...

    Oh, and Jess, I've been meaning to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole concept and have been mulling over how to incorporate something similar in my life to attempt to maintain a few of my creative outlets...

    Keep up the AMAZING work!

  3. My friend took a pyramid tour on the Michael Jordan camel this July!
    Hilarious stories for sure. You'll have to meet them the next time you are up in town.

  4. Can you believe that just months later the couch will find a new home as Jessica leaves on a new adventure!