Friday, November 23, 2012

Unexpected and poetic 1

Seeing the unexpected, Jessica saw a man on her plane with a sparkle in his eye...only to realize a few moments later her was a prisoner in transit.  She wrote about him "flying free for a moment.". I re read this card to post about it, and I wondered where he is now, was he deported and sent home or locked up somewhere?  You always see these scenarios in movies, then even reading about them in real life feels jarring and raw.  I like her drawing of him bright and full of life!

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  1. This was a 6am flight from London to Brussels and the last 10 -15 rows were completely empty except to guards and this man who's eyes seemed to be flirting with the world as I passed him on the way to the restroom. On my way back, I watched as he stared out intensely at the clouds.

    Once we had landed, disembarked and waited for our shuttle to take us to the terminal, the more liberated passengers and I watched him exit the plane handcuffed and board and armored car. Grounded once again by some reality that I cannot help but to be curious about.