Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sampling the Nile

Inspired by seeing They Draw and Cook, Lynn drew this while making brownies. A fact that I love, because I recognize her bowl.

Lynn also shared that she ate Ethiopian food for the first time last year. She had been intrigued by this new cuisine at the Blue Nile, but also a little unsure. Her final review was that the restaurant decor was fun, but she could pass on what she saw as Indian-like spices and funny bread. Since she is not a big fan of lentils or peas, I suppose this is not a huge surprise. A girl after my own heart, however, she did like the kale and cabbage... really, who doesn't love vegetables?

(Note - Lynn, I am vowing to post these cards the last few weeks of cards once I am back in the US. I have been using my cell phone in lieu of a proper scanner!)

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