Friday, July 27, 2012

Dare to display?

Interested in filling the walls of her relatively new house, Lynn used this card as practice for a piece she wanted to hang up. Inspired by a picture she saw in a store, she tried "copying... errrr.... was inspired by a version of this card." She then asked, would I dare to hang up my own framed artwork on my walls? Or would it be too easy to see the flaws?  It is a good question. I kind of like using my walls for inspiration and for displaying my family and I must admit that I would be likely to rip down pictures to fix something that irked me with time. Perhaps, it is safer to mail away my creations!

Lynn also noted that she had learned her mother was following our blog routinely. Being that we blog mostly for ourselves, this always surprises us (I remember thinking, we have a follower! And then, realizing that is sort of our mom's jobs to follow us). Lynn pointed out that mostly she was glad we were still mailing after 3 (now nearly 4) and blogging after 2 (now nearly three) years. I must agree this really is the very best part.

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