Monday, July 23, 2012

Dads on Safari

Here is one of Jessica's favorite places to stay.  She wrote about how you can see elephants bathing and hear lion's roaring when you stay in these rooms. This is very fitting because last year around this time we both had taken safari trips.  Jessica took a trip here for her dad's birthday, and spent cool mornings searching out game and evenings watching girafes. One of the places I stayed with my dad on safari was a permanent tented camp.  A favorite photo from our trip is my dad sitting on the porch of his tent looking very happy and very much like some sort of Victorian explorer.  Its funny to me that both Jessica's dad and mine both turn into big kids when it comes to wildlife!  Maybe I will try to do a sketch of that photo as my next card.

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  1. I just read on another blog about some girls who got together to watch their Dad's favorite movies. Since this was about our Dads it made me wonder what they would pick if we told them we were going to do that, something with animals or relate to Safari?