Monday, December 19, 2011

Surfin' USA

I couldn't resist the tile because I love the Beach Boys- but, that doesn't have much if anything to do with this post.  Jessica drew this card while thinking about her soon to be brother in law and his surfing company in the Solomon Islands.  Jessica has never been surfing (although recently she did go paragliding!)  She also wrote about staying connected with family that is far away as well as dreams of starting a business.  At the end of her note she asked me what kind of business I might start.  I have often thought about a car wash or a bakery so that I could employ some of my students/or clients who are out of work, without a steady job where can people go in life? I have heard of these types of business being good models for this type of thing. I guess not as exciting as a surfing company, is it? What about you, what type of business would you start if money and risk were not factors? What is your dream?

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  1. I'd forgotten about this completely. Funny I might have been thinking of Surf Solomons (, but this is definitely a surfer hiking to surf in CA.

    BTW-Ghana has recently made me want to start factories (we import everything!), which is totally in line with your focus on employment, but probably not completely in line with my expertise. :-)