Sunday, April 3, 2011


In what seems like a former life, I used to go to SpeakeasyDC's monthly amateur night at any chance I could get. Brave souls would climb on stage to speak their minds, share memories and spill their secrets to the world - telling true stories on stage without notes. Lucky for me, SpeakeasyDC and its NYC sister The Moth have podcasts that scratch my itch from afar. My happy habit of podcast listening led me to Pen Pal, a story by Boris Timanovsky who relives a online pen pal relationship that he brokered and 'managed' for his son. Not only does the story have a good title, it is hilarious and well worth a listen... even if it does not end up being much of promo for pen pal setups.

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  1. Jess! I'm finally catching up on your blog and I meant to tell you when we talked (and hung up on each other) that I have gone to a couple of storytelling events since moving to Chicago and I have gotten a bunch of my friends into it, too. The Moth has a StorySlam here, but I haven't been to it since it falls on the same day as my guitar class. But, there are a few smaller ones I have been to that have been fun. You should start one up in Ghana! You can start by telling your India story. :)