Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zen admist Chaos

I know I wrote before the cliff jumping girl was Jessica's first card mailed from Ghana, but the back of this one says it was her first one drawn there.  Who knows for sure, but both were from pretty early on in her new job there.  She writes that she is into the little dots and that they help to provide moments of zen in the chaos of life there. 

I have been thinking a lot about living abroad this week- not only will I host a Japanese teacher in a month- one of my old haunt Egypt has been on the news.  Its odd to think of a place I lived being the site of something so real and meaningful.  I also think of Jessica, stay safe pal!

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  1. Go Egypt! I can hardly believe that the people of Egypt pulled off a non-violent revolution that dethroned their dictator of 32 years in 2 weeks! It makes me want to remind everyone what I sincerely believe - change is possible and amazing things can and do happen. Love it. Perhaps we need to plan a postalpal meeting in Cairo to visit the new Egypt and visit old haunts.
    PS - Dont worry the vast Sahara Desert is keeping me protected from potential police backlash or military change of heart :)