Saturday, November 6, 2010

A ray of hope for Detroit

Lynn saw this image in her rear view mirror last fall and ran home to draw it. She found it ironic that this this beautiful image showed up in a reflection of downtown Detroit, especially since the city's decay is all that you see in the media.

For Lynn, this card also demonstrated that our card project had strengthened her creative muscle. She was getting stronger. She had an idea and she went home and drew it - just like that.


  1. Did you sketch at all in NYC or on the plane Miss Jess?

  2. Sadly I completely crashed on the plane and did not enjoy the free time and movies. And downtime in NYC was all about catching up with people - which was deliciously therapeutic in its own way. The trip did leave me with a head full of ideas to put to paper though. This week. Finally, I am home for more than a day or two.