Monday, November 29, 2010


Last year around this time Jessica was moving to a new country for a new job.  She didn't want to store anything for when she got back, so she was selling, sorting, and then packing up just a few things.  Jess was having trouble both getting a sub-leaser and selling some furniture.  She drew this card to capture her mood!  I love the details in this card each time I look at it I see some other silly item like a birdcage or 1950's style TV. 
Its funny that this year, around the same time, I am moving.  Although its just across town I too feel like the girl on this card- suddenly surrounded by possessions coming out of the woodwork needing to be packed or tossed! 

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  1. You are a home owner! This is a HUGE life step. I am so happy that my pal has her own mail box now!