Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here are two cards Jess sent me to begin our second year of the "project." 

The first is a test post-card.  After a year, Jessica had to buy new post cards at papersource and ended up with these 'non traditional ones'.  My memory is of Jess and I talking on the phone, and her relating a story about being told these scalloped edged cards would not be allowed in the mail without an envelope.  Our plan was to have Jessica send something on a card, sans envelope, and see if it arrived.  It wasn't a drawing in case it got lost.  It didn't, and so in the mail I got this peaceful photo of Kerala, India from Jessica's time there in 2007.  Go post office, you came through for us!!!

Knowing we could rely on USPS again, Jessica then sent this cut out tree.  On the back she wrote about how we'd been at post cards for a year.  She used grey paper, some fancy stuff from her dad's office, writing "I planned to cut a cityscape by found the flow of cutting organic lines what I needed."  Then, she added a flower to make it feel less like fall/winter.  I like it! 

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