Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty Packages

When Jess and I agreed to do our correspondence and art project,  we decided on sending a postcard every two weeks as our goal.  A postcard wouldn't really need an envelope...but I don't think we thought we would get as fancy with our creations as we have! So once in a while, Jess needs to hold her cards in something to reach me intact.  She makes the envelopes just as pretty as her art. 

I've discovered there are MANY envelope templates available if you want to google.  But the best thing to do is peel apart any greeting card envelope and trace it onto your paper.  As you can see with these, old magazine pages make just as beautiful envelopes as patterned stationary paper you could buy. 
Its fun for me to think I can post one of these "packages" as artwork itself! Enjoy!

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