Sunday, May 9, 2010

Green- all the rage!

I just read about this card company called Regreet. They make a greeting card you can use and then re-use. You may have thought re-using a card was tacky (if found out!) but actually its now hip! It makes you green...

Check it out. Regreet is a card that you send someone along with a packet of labels/stickers that let them cover up your signature and such. That way they can save (time and) the earth while still getting the points for mailing the card to someone else for their birthday. But actually I think the coolest part is that if you start the chain you can see where your original card travels. Somehow, being able to login and see where my card ventures in the world makes me smile.
I think this might be why I'd spend them money to buy one of their regreets rather than just re-use a nice looking card.

What do you think of this concept? My only complaint is, really we can only get frogs? I'd like to offer a little help in terms of variety in the design arena :) Also, this makes me wonder does everyone not love shopping in stationary stores? I love excuses to visit these places...why are we trying to avoid them?


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  2. This made me giggle. My mom sent me a re-used Christmas Card last summer when I was in an enormous funk. There was a huge cartoon santa on the front and when you opened it a very loud obnoxious mechanical version of jingle bells played. It made me jump. She had carefully crossed out someone else's name and wrote 'mom' with a heart drawn around it. I laughed out loud and kept laughing off and on for the rest of the day.

    The site is cool because tracking the card is neat, but you would miss some of the humor if you only sent frog cards. Also, what do you think that this is supposed to be a 'green' purchase when you could really just raid your shoe box :)