Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 days a week

By now this is old news, but I must point out that it is a real shame that the U.S Post Office now has a 5 day work week like the rest of us (well...considering the work/life balance conundrum most of my friends have maybe not like the rest of us). The Post Office now opens just after most of us go to work and closes just before we leave Monday through Friday. It seems that now only the retired, out-of-work and sleepy night-shift workers can buy stamps and mail packages from our beloved mailmen. The rest of us find ourselves in Fedex, after work hours, or searching for stamps on Amazon. A sad season for snail mail and another sign of a declining Postal Service. At least, I still have a post office box the corner of my block.


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  2. I look forward to seeing the art that goes with these thoughts :)