Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finding ink and the left-side of your brain

Just as I am months late with posting this year, Lynn was late sending postcards last year. Determined to catch up, she went online for inspiration and found some ink drawings that reminded her of art supplies she had hidden away after college. After digging around she found her old art kit, looked to Jordan and Micky as models and took a stab at painting with water and ink. 

It is always nice to get back to art after the new year, even if it takes a while to settle your mind and find inspiration. Isn't it? Whenever it has been a while since I took time to draw, I first feel my the left side of my brain struggling to engage. Once it does, I relax. It is as if the left side of my brain lets out a big sigh of relief as I get into my rhythm. As if to say - ah, she remembers me. :-)

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