Monday, December 17, 2012

What a bikini!

Can you cheat at this project? 
Lynn wondered a year ago when she sent me a card she made in 2009 for a party that she had helped plan at a former job. Not surprisingly, she had been made 'invitation guru' for holiday parties and the slew of baby showers that had hit the office during that period.

In my opinion, Lynn was not cheating but she was enabling strange office behavior as she created this card as an invitation for an office pool party.  This explains the bikini on the grinning snowman - er, I mean snow-woman - but it does nothing to explain why someone would want to attend an office pool party. Is it only me who would prefer to leave my glaring thighs to my colleagues' imagination? Perhaps more precisely, I am hoping that they have no imagination or interest in imagining such things at all!

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