Saturday, February 25, 2012


One of the things I like increasingly about this postcard project is that Lynn and I produce cards the other would never have thought to create. Checked boxes and leaves? Never would have occurred to me in my boxed in world - but I like it.

Lynn thought it was boring though, just like March. The month that if you live in Michigan drags on as if summer might never come, especially when it has 5 weeks in it like last year. Lynn wrote that she predicted March wouldn't be as long and tedious as if felt it might be looking out from its start, but knowing that didn't diminish the fact that she longed for excitement. 

We both have exciting changes brewing in our lives this year. I go between relishing mine, a new work opportunity outside of Ghana, and dreading the sad day when my move will happen. Ghana has seeped into my heart while I was busy with other things and suddenly I am realizing that it is going to be harder to leave than it was to arrive.

Another reality check that I cannot have it all. I spend time trying to find balance, or feeling bad because I have not found it, but perhaps a more achievable focus at this point would be to learn to weather these changes, to cross these lines with grace.  It's not easy-o.

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