Monday, August 22, 2011


(a.k.a to continue an African theme...)
The card is such a classic African image.  I love the colored pencil, this one and her next card are just stunning!  

Jessica drew this card after a trip to Kenya to see her former host family.  She hadn't seen them in a decade, but found other than all being a bit older and further along in their careers it was an easy reconnection.  I often wonder about visiting my old host families, but don't live or travel anywhere in their area of the world anymore.  Its been 10 years for me too, and I like to image what my host siblings grew up to become. Any people you used to know that you wonder 'where are they now?' This postcard also is a continuation of our recent 'inspiration' theme.  Jessica was inspired by an in flight magazine.  She wrote to me these are a great resource.  So, I think we have finally found the one purpose for this type of reading material- congrats on that Jess people were never sure what those were for until now :-)


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  2. Yes, it is true. I am snatching airplane magazines one at a time. Your empty pocket may be my fault...

    You should definitely go back. Visiting my host family was superb. It made me fall in love with the continent all over again. Funny though how everything felt similar and different all at the same time. Not sure who changed more - was it Nairobi or me?