Friday, July 22, 2011


So this card is of an African image.  Jessica drew it while talking with a friend on Skype, pretty impressive that she did this great drawing at half attention.  Its so detailed the way she's layered the colors!

She wrote on the back, comparing her ideas of West Africa before getting there to the life she'd experienced since arriving.  She had some different ideas than what she ended up seeing.  It was so interesting to me that this was the card I am posting about having just come home from my own Africa experience.  Having just come back from Tanzania I find myself thinking about the same thing.  Tanzania is full of wonderful people, nature, and overall spirit but lacks infrastructure that makes life easier.  People seem to spend so much time doing the basic tasks of survival even in big cities. I know Jessica has a lot of great work going on with her organization and its great to see how she's meeting a true need!

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