Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walks in Ghana

Jessica wrote on this postcard about her recent decompression by walking.  She was working in Tamale on lots of new projects and living out of a hotel which was dizzying at the time.  She found herself walking at night just to get some space.  Along the way, some kids would try to work up the courage to talk with her or stand near here.  She wrote about the kids calling out "salmiga, hello" and then running away again.  (I'm hoping I read the greeting right, Jess correct me here if its not salmiga).  She would try to ignore them, waving is too scary for them I guess.  I'm  also guessing this image is something she has also seen on her walks, or imagines she might.    Can you tell us what Kayao is Jess?  A woman carrying a load on her head is such an African image.  Enjoy her beautiful postcard.


  1. Oops! It should say Kayayo, which is the name given to female porters in Ghana.

    Tried to call you on my walk yesterday but the network was not in our favor. Headed to Tamale again tomorrow, I will try again soon!

  2. PS - I am realizing that even now I am still in the phase of drawing by dots as I have done here. I guess it was not a short lived phase!