Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Job, New County, New Year!

It has been a few weeks since a postcard was posted on the blog, and to be honest a while since I posted (i.e. sent one) to Jessica.  One reason for this was we were busy hanging out together spending time on another of our shared interests, eating!  When I visited Jess for a too-short-24 hour-stint in Traverse City, we enjoyed Soul HoleAmical, and Patiserie Amie for each of the three meals.  Yummy! Now that your hungry, something for the eyes...

The title of this post is a quote from this card that Jessica had drawn at the beginning of 2010.  She was days from moving to Ghana and was feeling both excited and nervous (who wouldn't?)  The card feels like a good one to post at the beginning of this year because its a time when everyone is setting goals and making changes.  One of Jessica's goals this year is more work-life balance which is good for me, because she promises more phone calls as a way to socialize and spend time not working!  I am not sure if I have goals or resolutions yet, but balance is always a good one. 

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  1. We sure did do a lot of excellent eating didn't we? So nice to see you, felt like we could talked forever. I forgot about this card - I really did feel like I was just closing my eyes and jumping last year. This year hopefully I will do something more controlled and deliberate than free fall :)