Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I like this card because the llama seems to be sticking its chin out at the world. Taking a stance as it stares out with confidence. On the flip side of the card, Lynn wrote that the solitude of Peru and fun in DC gave her this same certitude and pushed her to recover from months of bad news. Finally she felt as if she did not have to feel bad and was able to have moments were she was free of feeling lethargic and dazed.
Makes me wish you could come visit Ghana Lynn! I promise there will be adventures and fun in store!
She also referenced my plan of the moment which was to migrate to Afghanistan. Generously, she said that her recent travels helped her to understand why I might opt to do so. Since even now I think my plan to move to a war zone was, in hearts of hearts, not sane in the least, I have a feeling that it took more than a little empathy for her to support my wayward soul no matter what. Up and down and all around we go but there is nothing like a friend to make us feel like we have the strength to carry on. Llamas.

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