Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawaiian Summer

Lynn wrote that this card had been meant for spring but when she added colors it became Hawaiian summer. I like that especially since as someone who is from a temperate climate I cannot help but to measure my year by seasons even when the world around me maintains a constant state of being hot. Lynn was gearing up for summer when she sent this card, and was compiling a summer reading list (beefed up by a list of books found in a dentist office magazine). She began with 'Gang Leader for a Day,' which I have yet to read. Lynn, do you recommend it? She also was preparing for a trip north for the Fourth of July, worrying about housing two dogs in her in-laws house and quizzing me on what I had planned. Sounds like summer to me.

On a side note, I have been coming across news clips and articles proclaiming that doodling increases concentration and can help with memory. Last week, the Harvard Business Review sent out the following blurb as one of its daily stat emails: "People who doodle while listening to a monotonous message recalled 29% more than non-doodlers on a surprise memory test." This may explain why I remember Financial Management as well as I do! Check out this link to the original post if you are interested.


  1. I really liked Gang Leader for a Day! It is non-fiction but the story is as good as fiction! I remember thinking how his descriptions of Chicago and the projects reminded me a lot of my old job in Detroit. But don't take my word for it...

  2. I am totally going to read this book! I live on the edge of what used to be Cabrini Green in Chicago - probably the most notorious housing project in the US. Most of it was razed in 2008, but there's a really big chunk that still exists. I've often wanted to put on my invisability cloak and follow some of my neighbors around. Seems like this guy did it for me (minus the invisability cloak) - thanks for the tip!