Saturday, October 31, 2009


Following Lynn's lead, I am skipping a week. This card was inspired by a website that teaches people to make pop-up cards. I have tried to capture the pop as the bird flies out of the house. Fun. The card was posted just before the Obama/McCain election last year. She wrote, "Also, our schools mock elections are in and McCain won by a few votes. I am not sure the kids are an informed measure, but it is still making me nervous. Hopefully, if you are opening this card Nov 4 we are getting better returns!" All that worry for naught!


  1. the website is by Robert Sabuda. You can find this birdhouse and many more pop up card tutorials here:

  2. Lynn! I just met a pop-up artist who works with Robert Sabuda and makes these cards. Her name is Shelby and she lives with Merilee in Brooklyn! How wicked cool is her job?!?!